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Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Framework
The Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Framework is the introductory course on disaster risk management. Successful completion of this course allows participants to enroll in the subsequent specialised courses.

The objective of this course is to familiarise development practitioners with contemporary concepts and practices in disaster management and contribute to the paradigm shift from reactive to proactive approaches in this cross cutting field of development. It also aims at establishing a common language and understanding among development practitioners in order to improve the collaboration among different disciplines and integrate risk reduction considerations in development plans and decisions.

The course addresses basic questions such as "why are disasters a development issue?" and "what are the components of comprehensive disaster risk management?" It also reviews the institutional arrangements and financing mechanisms of disaster management systems, and identifies the role of national and local actors in the processes related to risk assessment, mitigation and financing. This course targets general development practitioners to raise their awareness and sensitivity in reducing the impact of natural disasters. The in-built learning tools of the course give an opportunity to participants to monitor their learning progress.
Course Eligibility
The Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Framework Course is open for all those who are interested in acquiring basic knowledge on Disaster Management, Mitigation, Preparedness and ways of reducing its impact.
The Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Framework Course is delivered in English medium only.
Six Weeks (1.5 months)
Course Fee
Course Fee Waived
Course Contributors
Introduction to Natural Disaster Risk Management: Margaret Arnold, WB, Katalin Demeter, WB, National Disaster Management Systems: Joanne Bayer, IIASA, Reinhard Mechler, IIASA, Katherine Kelman, Stanford University, Ricardo Zapata, ECLAC 
The Role of Local Actors: Fouad Bendimerad, EMI, Krishna Vatsa, GWU

Structural Design and Technical Support:  Berna Yekeler, WB, Andrei Tolstopiatenko, WB, Hernan Gigena, WB

Program Development and Supervision:  Katalin Demeter, WB
Indian Scenario: Dr. Sushma Guleria & Dr. Ashutosh Dev Kaushik