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 Damage and Reconstruction Needs Assessment
Disasters have a major impact on the living conditions, economic performance, and environmental assets of affected countries. Consequences may be long-term and may cause irreversible damages to environmental, economic and social structures.

Statistics show that disasters cause the most significant and irreversible damage in developing countries, where the poorest and most vulnerable population groups are disproportionately impacted. By contrast, in the developed world, a considerable degree of protection against disasters has been achieved, as a result of effective prevention, mitigation and planning measures that reduce vulnerability. But even with these impressive results, damages in these countries have risen due to greater concentration and value of societal activities.

The course offers a set of diagnostic tools and access the type and extent of damage and losses caused by disasters,identify immediate recovery and reconstruction needs,and determine the economic and financial implications of the event.
The thematic courses are delivered in English medium only
Four Weeks (One month)
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Course Contributors
Presentations:  Ricardo Zapata, ECLAC  
Structural Design and Technical Support:  Etelka Kontrohr, Consultant, Andrei Tolstopiatenko, Senior Information Officer, Arseny Malov, Information Officer, Hector Montenegro, Information Analyst, Berna Yekeler, Program Coordinator, Hernan Gigena, Designer; WB
Course Development and Supervision:  Katalin Demeter, Senior Urban Specialist,WB
Indian Scenario: Dr. Santosh Kumar & Mr. Arun Sahdeo