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  • 15 Feb, 10:17
    Programme Manager
    4th - 31st March 2016 : Gender aspects of Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction more...
  • 15 Feb, 10:17
    Programme Manager
    4th - 31st March 2016 : Community based Disaster Risk Management more...
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Course Alumni Says...

Mr. Raju Narayan Swamy, IAS; (Secretary to Govt. of Kerala)
Prof. Rahmi Ashtt, Principal, Sat Priya School of Architecture and Design
Squadron leader PN Siva Subramaniam, Deputy Director (Indian Air Force), New Delhi
Ms. Yamani Singh, Student
Technical Support
  1. Presentations are not showing up in my computer. I am able to view and access all other components of the course..?
    Ans : Please check if flash player/plugin is installed in your browser. If not click on the link “”..

  2. When I login to the system, it says invalid username and password..?
    Ans : Check if the username and password entered is correct. If you still have problem reset your password by clicking on the link “"

  3. When I try to access the basic course, it asks for the enrollment key. How to find the enrolment key?
    Ans: You should have received an email from the portal admin with course link and the enrollment key. This will be sent to all the participants who had paid their fee as described in the registration process.

  4. The course window opens and hangs in “Loading please wait ” in this state what should I have to do..?
    Check if you are connected to the internet.
    Based on the internet connection that one have, the amount of time to load presentations, vidoes etc will vary

  5. My browser does'nt support the videos.. What I have to do..?
    All the videos in the portal requires adobe flash to run. Please refer to question #1 for more details.

  6. I would like to provide detailed feedback and suggestion on the portal. How to do this?
    Navigate to the url and fill in the form. An automated email will be sent the Program Manager.