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NIDM will soon launch 9 online thematic courses from 20 November 2020. Kindly send request for enrolment with 1page CV, name, designation, affiliation, postal address, email ID and mobile numbers to prgmgr@onlinenidm.nic.in with CC to surya.nidm@nic.in


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Mr. Raju Narayan Swamy, IAS; (Secretary to Govt. of Kerala)
Prof. Rahmi Ashtt, Principal, Sat Priya School of Architecture and Design
Squadron leader PN Siva Subramaniam, Deputy Director (Indian Air Force), New Delhi
Ms. Yamani Singh, Student

The National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM) under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India is offering e-Learning courses on Disaster Risk Management in collaboration with Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR), The World Bank, Washington.

The aim of the e-Learning Programme is to raise the level of awareness and preparedness as well as to enhance analytical skills and professional competencies of key stakeholders in different areas of Disaster Risk Management and Mitigation. The courses are designed specifically to build competencies of disaster management professionals, development practitioners and general public in India and SAARC countries. The programme is also beneficial for those who are not able to attend or does not have sufficient time to attend interactive programmes either at NIDM or in other training centres. The participants enjoy the benefit of flexi-time and flexi-space. They can log on to the course from anywhere and at a time. They can attend discussions and course related activities whenever and wherever they feel convenient. The courses are free from any face to face discussion or appearance in the final examination. The online Discussion Forum allows participants to share their views, experiences, documents, images and videos. Participants can have options to receive Discussion Forum entries in their personal e-mail accounts.

Unlike classroom based pedagogy, there is no examination system in the NIDM’s web based courses. The success in the course largely depends on certain parameters like completion of personal profiles, country profile, participation in the discussion forum, timely submission of assignments and end of the course projects etc. On the basis of active involvement in their concerned courses, participants are evaluated and graded. There are two main categories of online courses being offered by the NIDM - Comprehensive Natural Disaster Risk Management Framework and Thematic. The Comprehensive Natural Disaster Risk Management Framework Course is open for all those who are interested in acquiring Comprehensive Natural Disaster Risk Management Framework knowledge on disaster management, mitigation, preparedness etc. The Thematic Courses are offered to those who have either completed the Comprehensive Natural Disaster Risk Management Framework Course or having Thematic qualifications / experiences in their related domains.

All online courses are delivered in English only
For Comprehensive Natural Disaster Risk Management Framework Course - six Weeks (1.5 months)
For Thematic Courses - Four Weeks (One month)
Course Fee
For Comprehensive Natural Disaster Risk Management Framework Course-Rs. 3000
For Thematic Courses - Rs. 1800 per course
Hardware & Software Requirement
The Comprehensive Natural Disaster Risk Management Framework requirement for admission in the course is computer with access to the internet connectivity. The following specifications are preferred in the computer.
250 GB hard drive or higher, 4 GB RAM or higher, 2.0 GHz Intel or AMD processor, Sound Card.
Operating System:
Windows 10/ MAC OS 10.10 or later/ Ubuntu 20.04 or higher.
Google Chrome/ Mozilla Firefox/ Microsoft Edge/ Safari browser, MS Office, computer microphone and speakers, web camera